Our Indispensable Accessory: Necklaces: Which Necklace to Wear When?

We can say that the necklace is one of the most frequently and comfortably used jewelery both in our daily lives and on special occasions. At some point in our lives, we all have a necklace that we never take off. If we believe that that necklace brings us luck or was given as a gift by someone we love, we never want to take it off because it reminds us of him.

There are also some necklaces that we take out of their boxes and wear on special occasions. These are distinguished from each other according to days with different characteristics; At graduations, anniversaries, various events or weddings, we may choose to use the jewelry we bought and kept specially for those days. In this article, we wanted to give a few small tips about necklace models that can be preferred at different times and with various clothing combinations.

That necklace you carry around your neck every day...

Let's start with that necklace that you will never want to take off. First of all, a necklace designed with materials that will not disturb you in long-term use should be indispensable. Of course, gold is the first thing that comes to mind as one of the most durable metals. However, silver, which is more affordable than gold and ranks second in terms of durability after gold, will be one of the most ideal choices. A second issue is the length of the necklace; While very long necklaces or options that wrap around your neck, such as chokers, may be difficult for you to use every day, it will be possible to wear short and medium-short necklaces quite comfortably. For comfortable and intensive use, you can choose necklaces with chain lengths between 35-45 cm.