Especially with the increasing place that online shopping occupies in life, jewelry and accessory purchases have also moved online. When buying a ring, trying it on has given way to learning and applying methods to measure in your own home. Since each person has their own unique hand structure and finger thickness, size is an important factor when shopping for a ring. There is no standard size for everyone. It can be accepted that it varies between 12 and 16 measurements on average. While it is possible to have measurements taken at jewelers, there are also ways you can do this at home.

How to Take Finger Measurement for a Ring?

Everyone has their own ring size. Knowing this measurement will make your life easier. Instead of just buying a ring by trial method, you will be able to shop online whenever you want, and you will be able to tell your ring size when you want to buy someone a gift. There are two most well-known methods for calculating ring size at home. They are known as finding diameter and finding perimeter.

Finding Diameter

On which finger do you want to wear the ring you are planning to buy, first buy a ring that you have used before on that finger.

Take a ruler with you with a millimeter measurement.

Place the ring horizontally on a table and measure the inner diameter of the ring from end to end.

Do not take into account the metal part of the ring during the measurement process.

When doing this, be sure to measure the widest part of the ring.

As the last step, read the millimeter value you see on the ruler and write it down somewhere.

There will be a ring number corresponding to the millimeter value you found.

Finding Environment

Find a material such as string or paper to measure the finger you will wear the ring you are considering purchasing.

Wrap the string or paper, whichever you prefer, around your finger and then mark the place where the two ends meet with a pencil.

Measure the length between the marked places on the rope or paper using a ruler measuring millimeters. The measurement you find will give you the length of your finger circumference.

Finally, by looking at a finger size calculation table, you can access the measurement information corresponding to your finger circumference length.